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In line with the LEA and teachers’ professional association guidelines, no medicines will be given to children with the following exceptions:

• Inhalers – these may be kept in the office or in a safe place in the classroom

• Prescribed medicines where the frequency of dosage makes this necessary

• Medication cited in a medical care plan

Any medicine should be brought to the office by an adult and must be clearly marked with the child’s name and dosage. We can take no responsibility for a missed dose.

Parents may choose to come and administer medicines themselves.

Children should not bring throat lozenges, creams or other non-prescribed medicines to school.

Parents have to sign a medical consent form. Our Managing medicines in school Policy is available from the office and on our website.

If your child is absent due to sickness and diarrhoea, they should not return until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

Children with Additional Needs

Some children may need additional help at some point during their time at school.

Our Special Educational Needs co-ordinator, Miss Claire Baker works closely with class teachers, parents and children to ensure the appropriate provision is in place.

Equally some children are more able and receive differentiated provision where appropriate.

Where necessary, school works closely with other professionals and agencies for advice and support.


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