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11th December 2020

Christmas Dinner
Thank you to our amazing catering team for the yummy Christmas dinner they served this week.

Christmas Secret Santa Shop
The children have been very excited when they’ve visited the shop this week. They all spent time choosing their presents. We hope they have put the presents under their Christmas tree or bed and that you haven’t been tempted to take a peek!

Christmas Jumper Day
There has been a lovely festive atmosphere in school today with all the all the Christmas tops and jumpers worn to school. Thank you for supporting this fundraising day, organised by the charity ‘Save the Children’.

Christmas Raffle
This was drawn today by Year 5 who won this week’s ‘Good to be Green’ Award.
Prizes have been sent home and parents have been contacted if any prizes need to be collected by an adult.

Christmas Parties
Christmas party dates are as follows:
Tue 15th Dec – Rec/Y1/Y2
Wed 16th Dec – Y3/Y4
Thurs 17th Dec – Y5/Y6
Due to current COVID 19 Health & Safety guidance, party food will have to be pre-packaged e.g. cocktail sausages, crisps, punnets of grapes, mini scotch eggs. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept any homemade food. Your child should have received a slip this week requesting what party food staff would like your child to bring in.
Sandwiches will be provided by the school’s catering team.

Friday 18th December
Following the DfE’s announcement on Tuesday and subsequent discussions with the Governing body and CEO of the MAT, the decision has been made to close school on Thursday 17th December for the Christmas break. A text and a letter via email were sent out yesterday.
We apologise for the short notice. ‘


This term saw Grow to School and Edible Playgrounds supported the school with their fantastic vegetable garden. With the children, they weeded, dug in compost and planted a set of autumn plants that will grow slowly over the winter and be ready to burst into life come the spring. The children and teachers certainly enjoyed themselves.
Our Growbag resources are based around a five bed rotation system with the different vegetable families moving around the garden each year.
Bed 1 Carrot and Onion family
Bed 2 Pea and Bean and Beet family
Bed 3 Cabbage family
Bed 4 Cucumber family
Bed 5 Potato family
With Year 2 and 3 this term we planted spring onions and garlic in bed 1. Garlic needs a period of cold frosty weather to grow well. If you’ve got a spare garlic clove or two at home, why not have a go? Plant it in a pot of soil or in the garden and watch the green shoots appear. Next summer you’ll have a whole new bulb of garlic.

We also planted lots of winter salads and covered them over with fleece to keep them warm. They should be ready to pick now as a ‘cut and come again’ crop and added to a mixed salad. Chard plants (Beet family) and kale (cabbage family) were planted by the children too, and these will grow strongly next year.

The children didn’t just learn about the vegetables they’ll be growing over the year. They also worked in teams to build mini animal cafes, mini allotments and got their hands dirty feeling the texture of different soil types. The garden space in a school is about more than just vegetables and fruit. It opens up the wonderful world of nature to children. The links to curriculum learning are all there to be explored, from animals and rocks and soils in science to measuring in maths and descriptive writing in English.

We look forward to next year and working with the other year groups out in the garden.

COVID 19 Guidance for schools
In following the DfE’s guidance on re-opening of schools, one of the measures that we have to have in place is increased ventilation in all rooms. As the weather has become colder, the classrooms are cooler than usual. Your child can therefore wear a vest or base layer under their school polo or a school fleece if they wish.

School closure due to Adverse Weather
It is once again the time of year when we enter a period of what is likely to be unsettled and adverse weather.
Adverse weather conditions cause all of us problems and the impact on running a school can be significant. Critical factors taken into account when deciding to remain open or to close include road conditions, safety of the site and staff/pupil ratios.
It may well be the case that an occurrence of adverse weather leads to an early morning decision whether to close the school. With the variation in geography and climate throughout the district, it is normal for the Headteacher to make an individual school closure decision. This decision will be based on a health and safety assessment (both for members of staff and pupils); the school will be kept open if at all possible. Only in exceptional circumstances will the school be closed. If weather conditions are such that the school makes a decision to close before the normal school day starts, then instruction will be given to publish notification between 7.00am and 7.30am in the following ways:
* Notification of closure through a text sent via ParentMail
 *An update via Twitter – @ThorpeBradford
 *An update on the Bradford Schools Online website – https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Schools/Home.aspx
 *A school closure message on local radio stations
If weather conditions are such that a decision to close is taken during normal school hours, then all parents/carers who have provided us with mobile telephone contact details will be informed by text. Some staff will remain in school to supervise pupils until they are able to get home.
As you can appreciate, we attempt to ensure we can deal effectively with weather conditions and circumstances arising from this that are beyond our control and I trust you feel reassured that we will do all we can.


Achievement Awards:

Y1: Oscar Moore / Alexander Grayson

Y2: Isabella Bartey / Aubrilley Nkolimbo

Y3: Ben Foulds / Alexia Dunn

Y4: Isabella Padgett / Tyler Fox

Y5: Harry Wells / Kyra Mann

Y6: Jamie Husarz / Rhys Grimshaw


Good To Be Green Award

This week’s winners of our behaviour award are Y5. Well done!


Birthday Children

Lennox Hardcastle

Sarah Draven

Olivia Blythe

Olivia-Grace Robinson


Happy Birthday!