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We aim to promote high standards for pupils’ achievement and behaviour by encouraging each child to do their best at work and play, to behave with consideration and respect for others and to take pride in themselves and in the school.


We aim to create a stimulating, attractive and safe environment where children feel valued and secure to develop and grow socially, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

School Golden Rules

We have Five Golden Rules which we all adhere to:

 listen to each other and speak politely
 do our best work and let others learn
 care for each other and school property
 play safe games which do not hurt others
 try to be kind, helpful and honest


At Thorpe Primary School, we have high expectations of children’s behaviour at all times. We work with staff, pupils, parents and governors to create an environment where bullying and discrimination are not tolerated.

School rules are kept to a minimum and worded positively to promote responsible behaviour. Rules are displayed in classrooms and we ask for your support in encouraging your child to adhere to these rules both within school and on the way to and from school.

All classes follow the ‘Good to be Green’ system of rewards and sanctions, which acknowledges those children who are consistently well behaved.

When your child starts school you will be asked to sign a Home/School Agreement, which will confirm your support of our expectations and what you can expect from school.


Good communication is essential between home and school if we are to cater for the needs of children effectively. Teachers are available at the start and the end of each day so that information can be passed between teacher and parent. When there is the need to discuss issues at greater length, then appointments can be made to see the teacher at a mutually convenient time.

A newsletter is sent home each week.

Other information is displayed on noticeboards in the playground and is on our website. Information is also communicated through e-mail and text using our parent mail system.


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