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Welcome to Year 5

Our teacher is Miss Bajwa and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Harrison and Mrs Brandon.

Miss F Bajwa - Class Teacher                 Mrs S Harrison – Teaching Assistant                Mrs D Brandon – Teaching Assistant

Below you can find our curriculum newsletter which details the topics we will be learning about this term.

 Y5 Curriculum letter Summer 2018

Curriculum letter Spr 2018

Y5 Curriculum letter Autumn 2017

Y5 Curriculum letter Summer 1 2017

Y5 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2016

Y5 Curriculum Newsletter Spring-2017

End of Year Expectations for Year 5

Key Stages 1 & 2 National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is followed in Keystages 1 and 2. This curriculum covers Maths, English, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSHE, Music and PE. KS2 children are also taught a modern foreign language (Spanish).

You can find more information on the following website:



Thursday 21st September – Forces

Our science topic for this half term is Forces. On Thursday, we spent out science lesson using Forcemeters and learning how to measure in Newtons (N). First, we decided what objects we wanted to measure, we then estimated the force we believed they would have, then we used the forcemeters to get an actual force measurement. Some of our measurements surprised us, and others we got totally spot on!



Friday 20th October – Converting measurements of length

On Friday morning, we spent some time outside, working in groups and measuring different objects on the bottom playground. We used metre sticks and worksheets to measure different objects, discuss their shape, then measure their width and lengths in cm, before coming back inside to convert them to m.



Thursday 2nd November – Fire Safety talk

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have the fire fighters from Rawdon Fire Service come in and talk to us about fire safety and road safety. The children were very engaged and had lots of fun as well as learning about serious matters and how to prevent these. They were then able to go outside and have a close look at a Fire engine – and even have a sit in it!



Friday 1st December – Making Mayan Pyramids

Today, we had a topic day! The children spent the day making their own versions of Mayan pyramids from boxes they had brought in. We had lots of fun and the children really enjoyed the day.



Friday 26th January – Making Anglo-Saxon Settlements

Similar to our previous Mayan pyramids, today we spent the whole day focusing on our current topic of the Anglo-Saxons. We used various sized boxes to create our own versions of an Anglo-Saxon Settlement. Some of us even decorated the interior!




Friday 23rd February – Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Today, we went to Doncaster on a coach with Year 2 to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This was linked to our new science topic of Living Things and their Habitats. After spending some time walking round the park, the children had an education session where they were able to hold African snails, Cockroaches and stroke a snake!


Science Week!
During Science week, we had so much fun creating bubble snakes and ice cream!



Monday 21st May – Sports UK Netball Tournament

On Monday, 7 chosen children from Year 5 represented Thorpe in Sports UK’s Bradford Schools Netball Competition. They had to play 4 other schools to reach the semi finals – which they did. They were fantastic, I was super impressed! They then went on to beat Fagley, to reach the final, and beat Blakehill by Golden Goal in the final! Thorpe were the winners! They won every one of the 6 games they played in total, and didn’t concede one goal from any of the opposition! I was a very proud (and giddy) teacher! Well done, guys!

Tuesday 22nd May – Forest Schools

We have been lucky enough to have the chance to take part in a Forest Schools taster session. The children had lots of fun this morning building dens and toasting marshmellows round a camp fire. They learnt loads of new skills and had a fantastic morning!


Thursday 21st June – Litter picking in Idle Village

For our topic this half term, we are focusing on local geography and the issues on litter in Idle. Last week, we went and spoke to local businesses about their opinions on litter and yesterday, we went into the village and helped collect lots of the litter around.


Wednesday 27th June 2018 – Cooking workshop

On Wednesday, we had Andy (a friend of Jamie Oliver’s), come in and do a cooking workshop with us. We learnt how to use different spices and flavours, how to handle sharp knives and cutlery and best of all, how to make chicken fajitas! We loved it! They were SO tasty!