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Welcome to Year 5

Our teacher is Mrs Davidson and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Harrison and Miss Willoughby.

Mrs Davidson – Teacher  Mrs S Harrison – Teaching Assistant      Mrs D Willoughby – Teaching Assistant

Below you can find our curriculum newsletter which details the topics we will be learning about this term.

Y5 Curriculum letter Sum 2019

Curriculum letter Spr 2019 Y5

Curriculum letter Y5 Aut 2018


Key Stages 1 & 2 National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is followed in Key stages 1 and 2. This curriculum covers Maths, English, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSHE, Music and PE. KS2 children are also taught a modern foreign language (Spanish).

You can find more information on the following website:


Summer Term.

Tuesday 21st May

Another tournament – you guessed it –  yet another Thorpe win! This time it was netball. 3 wins and 1 loss saw us sail into the final which, due to excellent teamwork, we managed to win 5 nil.

May 2019

Linked to our Rainforest topic, we looked at how air can be used as a mechanism to cause movement – the technical word for this being ‘a pneumatic system’. We investigated using syringes, tubing, empty washing-up liquid bottles, a balloon pump and balloons to see how air causes movement. We then either chose to design and make a rainforest parrot or an undiscovered species of animal incorporating pneumatics to make them move.

April to June 2019

At the beginning of this term, a small group of the class went to Fagley Primary School for the launch of this year’s ‘Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Award’ shadowing scheme. The ‘medal’ which is often described by authors and illustrators as ‘the one they want to win’ is named after Kate Greenaway, a 19th century illustrator. Each week, the group meet to discuss this year’s nominations just like the judges do. We discuss how the illustrations in the books enhance the text then write reviews to post on the website. We can’t wait to find out which book wins in July. Visit the website to read our reviews – our group name is Escape From Thorpe.

Spring Term.

Thursday 4th April 2019

As part of the creative curriculum,  every class spent today involved in Design Technology  tasks. We researched, designed, made and evaluated our own products before packaging them up to be sold to the rest of school. Our class thoroughly enjoyed the process and were really pleased with our individual hand-made peppermint creams …..even though the classroom may be sticky with icing sugar for ever more!



Thursday 7th March 2019

Today we came to school in our pyjamas because it was World Book Day. We read books with Year 2, did a book-themed quiz in English.

In Maths, we solved some book-themed problems involving finding unit and non-unit fractions.

Thursday 28th February 2019

Today we went on a class trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster. We saw many different types of animals, heard the Leaping Lemurs Ranger Talk and saw them being fed. We also had an educational workshop about animals in different land biomes, learnt about animal adaption and the reasons why some species of animals are endangered or even extinct in the wild. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have produced some great writing about the trip for homework.

8th February 2019

Another competition ….another Thorpe Primary win!

Today our class added yet another trophy to the school’s collection….this time it was for Tag Rugby. This was quite an unexpected victory as we were the only school with the entire team having been selected from Year 5. One very proud class teacher, Sports.U.K. teacher and school.

February 2019

In History, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. After the Romans left in the 5th century, they  invaded and settled in many parts of England. We learnt about their villages and homes. We spent time in Topic lessons  planning and making our own Anglo-Saxon homes using materials such as: cardboard, corrugated cardboard, lollipop sticks and craft matchsticks. We also made a baseboard in groups to arrange our homes into a village settlement.

14th/15th February 2019

In Science, we have been learning about the changes as humans develop from birth to old age. As part of this Topic, we learnt about puberty and the importance of good personal hygiene. We planned and produced information leaflets for children who are about to go through puberty, explaining what they will need to do and why.


This week we have been learning about the persuasive techniques used by presenters on TV shopping channels. We brought in products from home to have a go at being presenters ourselves. Some of us found it quite hard to improvise and keep talking with our partners for 2 whole minutes, whilst others definitely have the gift of the gab and the art of presenting.

Autumn Term


This afternoon we had our Christmas party with Year 6. First, we had a festive quiz, then we stuffed our faces with wonderful food. In the hall, we played pass the parcel and  the chocolate game. Amelia was the best at that; she had two turns and managed to eat loads of chocolate!


This morning, we had to use our Maths skills to solve the Mystery of the Lost Christmas Present. We worked cooperatively to eliminate who it could belong to until there was only one possible owner.

This afternoon, we enjoyed playing our Christmas-themed Maths board games in the hall. We designed and made them as a homework task. We taught each other how to play our games following the rules.


Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Music Service.

We all agreed that listening to live music was a real treat!


Today we had a day off timetable for anti-bullying week. We made up role-plays to show unkind, nasty and bullying behaviour. After rehearsing, we showed each other our plays – we then had to guess which behaviour each play was portraying. We all guessed correctly and were able to explain the difference between each behaviour.


Today we had a whole-school History Day learning about World War One. Each class had a different aspect to research during the day – our class had to find out why there were food shortages and why rationing was introduced towards the end of the war. We also made a WW1 recipe for carrot cookies, which used ingredients that were still readily available. We were all pleasantly surprised how delicious they were!


This week we have learnt about the life and works of the American artist – Andy Warhol. His work became popular in the 1950s and his fame continued to grow during the 1960s. His style of art was soon known as Pop Art – perhaps his most iconic pieces of art being those of Marilyn Monroe, Coke bottles and Campbell’s soup. We decided to have a go at our own Warhol inspired pieces of art, incorporating popular mass-produced items of today.


As part of our Harvest focus day, Year 5 learnt how to make bread. We followed a step by step recipe, weighed or measured out our ingredients and learnt about the role of yeast. We also learnt how to knead, prove and knock back dough before moulding it into individual loaves. It then went off to the school kitchen to prove for a further hour, before Miss Brook kindly baked it for us. We were all pleased with the results despite the fact some of the bread was a little salty!


Today we had our Play Leader training to learn games to play with the Key Stage One children. First, we got into groups and discussed what to do so that everybody would feel happy and safe. Then, in the same groups, we practised some games we already knew and learnt some new ones. Most of the class are really looking forward to get started!


Today, as a result of our excellent attitude to learning and fantastic behaviour, we had our first class treat as Year 5s. We enjoyed icing and decorating little cakes…..then eating them!

September 2018

To kick off our first Science Topic of Year 5 – Forces- we went outside to have a tug-of-war.

We talked about pulling as a force, the concept of balanced/unbalanced forces and movement.

Even though many of the class moaned how much it hurt their hands, they still wanted another go!