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Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Davidson – Teacher

Mrs S Harrison – Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Willoughby – Teaching Assistant

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Support for Home Schooling

While times are strange and we are not all together at school, work will be set on Spelling Shed,  TT Rockstars and on the  I Am Learning website. Please go to these sites and complete the work I set for you especially the English and Maths assignments aimed at your year group. I have put some Science and Geography on I am Learning as well so if you want to try this too that’s great.

I check these online tasks frequently and will message you once a week to give you feedback on your work using the I Am Learning message feature. You can respond to my messages, ask me about anything you need help with, ask for ideas for other tasks if you want to do extra work or simply have a chat. I check my messages daily if you want to get in touch in between.

Spelling – Please remember to practise the Common Exception Words on Spooky Spellings as well as the lists on Spelling Shed.

Additional tasks  and other suggestions: (optional)

Writing – google the free talk for writing home-school booklets – If you write a story be sure to type it up and send to office@thorpeprimary.co.uk. who will forward it to me.

Reading – Mrs.McTasney has managed to set each of you a username and password for Fiction Express so you can finish reading ‘The Golden Amulet’ at home and/or read other stories on this site. Get in touch with me through I am Learning if you’d like your username and password or contact school. You can read a wide range of genres, complete the quizzes and post book reviews.

Perhaps, you’d like read the ‘live book’ to decide what will happen in the next chapter. The first chapter of the next level 3 live book will be released on Friday 12th June. The book is called The Mystery of Roanoke. Vote by the following Tuesday (3 p.m. at the latest) each week  and the next chapter is released at 11 a.m. on Friday of that week. I will get reading myself so we can message about what we voted for or to discuss the story events and characters.

Read all about it….

 Like to keep up to date current affairs, sports and entertainment?

Click here for the latest digital edition of First News.

BBC Bitesize daily lessons – They are offering 3 lessons a day (English, Maths and another subject) for each Year group. They started on Monday 20th April but you can still access them after the day they were first available.

Geography – Perhaps, you would like to try to learn about Rainforests as we would have been doing this in school.

Where are they? What are they like? (temperature/rainfall/variety of animals and plants) What do we mean by deforestation? Why is this a problem? Who for? Is there anything that can people can do to try to protect the rainforests?

There are lots of powerpoints and resources on Twinkl, and there’s dk findout rainforests or sciencekids.co.nz

If you create a powerpoint again send it to office@thorpeprimary.co.uk. who will forward it to me or you might like to do some Art linked to this topic – send in photos of your masterpieces to share on this page.

Outdoors – If you are out and about why not take some photos of wildflowers then see if you can identify them all? Some of these were growing on walls and paths in my street and the others I spotted on a woodland walk next to the River Aire.  You could even photograph garden flowers or flowers in your local park. Trees would work too or animals. Send any good ones in via e-mail.

I’m not 100 % sure, but here goes…

Top left to right: Herb Robert, Red Campion and Yellow Archangel

Middle: Ivy-leaved Toadflax and Ramsons (smells like garlic)

Bottom: Marsh Marigolds and Shepherd’s Purse

14.5.20 Messages

Well done to:

Lily-Grace and Josh who have been on Fiction Express already.

Alan and Freddy for going on tt rockstars this week.

Jamie, Harris, Iyla, Elliot, Freddie and Lily-Grace for using I am Learning.

Harris, Madison, Josh, Lilia, Chloe C, Alan, Lily-Grace, Caiden and Chloe W for logging into Spelling Shed so that we won the class league this week.

21.5.20 Messages

Well done to:

Josh, Lysia, Isabelle, Chloe C, Lilia, Callum, Madison, Lily-Grace, Caiden, Iyla, Freddy and Chloe W for helping Year 5 win the school league on Spelling Shed this week. Chloe W a special well done for being top player in the whole school. Check out the newer lists please!

Lily-Grace for going on tt rockstars and Fiction Express – the only person this week! Come on everyone, try and beat my 30/30 on the garage game.

Harris, Olivia, Jamie, Iyla, Lily-Grace and Freddy for going on I am Learning. New assignments went on on Tuesday – you have until the 15th June to try them. Can you do them all?

28.5.20 Messages

Well done to:

Alan, Harris, Lilia, Madison, Freddy, Lily-Grace, Caiden and Chloe W for helping Year 5 win the school league on Spelling Shed again this week. Chloe W was the top player in school again. Year 5 had 5 players in the weekly Top Ten players in school – keep it up!

Alan, Chloe W, Lily-Grace and Josh (sorry I think I missed you last week) for going on tt rockstars.

Lily-Grace, Harris and Freddy for trying some of the quizzes on I Am Learning even though it is officially half-term!

Lily-Grace and I have started to read a new book on Fiction Express called The Hidden Curse. It’s another level 3 book in the historical genre – perhaps, you’d like to join us?

Wildlife Trust #30dayswild

If you like nature there is a 30 Days Wild challenge to do in June. Just google Wildlife Trust 30 Days Wild if you are interested. There is a free home learning pack with some great activity suggestions – I’ve already downloaded mine.

4.6.20 Messages

Well done to:

Alan, Isabelle, Lily-Grace and Josh  for going on tt rockstars this week. Knowing your times table facts are crucial in so many areas of Maths so please get on and sharpen your rapid recall skills!

Harris, Josh, Freddy and Lily-Grace for spending their time wisely on I am Learning.

Sad news now – Year 5 only came 3rd this week in the school Spelling Shed League after weeks of smashing it. Our top player this week was Alan closely followed by Lily-Grace, then Harris. Well done to: Chloe W, Freddy, Lilia and Isabelle too but a reminder to everyone – click on more lists please rather than doing the same list every time you play.

The Summer Reading Challenge is Here!

Please go to the school Reading page for details.

Wildlife Trust #30dayswild

Well I took advantage of the lovely weather on Monday evening and got my bike out and went for a long ride along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. My challenge was to make a pic-collage of ‘Beautiful Yorkshire’ at this time of year.

And finally a joke for the mathematicians…

11.6.20 Messages

Well done to:

Alan, Harris, Lily-Grace, Caiden and Olivia for going on tt rockstars this week.

Harris, Josh, Freddy and Lily-Grace for completing more work on I am Learning again this week and Olivia for getting back on it.

Well it was a close thing this week. It went right down to the last half hour but thanks to; Chloe W, Lily-Grace, Josh, Alan, Caiden, Callum and Lilia we did it!

A special well done to;

Josh for your informative Rainforest Powerpoint.

Harris for reading Chapter 2 of The Hidden Curse on Fiction Express and completing the quiz.

Freddy for dipping into Year 6 Geography and Science on I am Learning under your own initiate.

Wildlife Trust #30dayswild week 2 

My challenge on Monday was to watch the bumblebees and honey bees going in and out of my foxgloves. It was very relaxing I know, but fascinating! They came out with their pollen baskets full before flying off to their nests or hives.

18.6.20 Messages

Well done to:

Alan, Freddy, Elliott F and Lily-Grace for practising their rapid recall of multiplication and division facts on tt rockstars. For those of you I have set tables to concentrate on from Sunday it switches to the x11 and x12 tables.

Josh who has read the first chapter of two of the current live books on Fiction Express. He also completed the quizzes and voted on what will happen in the next chapters. The next chapters of both books are released tomorrow morning at 11a.m. so I hope you continue reading them, Josh and perhaps, you will inspire a few of your classmates to start reading them too.

Harris, Josh, Lily-Grace, Freddy and Olivia for doing some of the new assignments on I Am Learning this week but keep it up you still have plenty to have a go at!

97,831,688 – 37,577,436 =?

Can you estimate (to the nearest 10,000,000) and calculate (vertical subtraction) how much we beat Year 3 by on Spelling Shed this week? We absolutely smashed it thanks to Harris, Josh, Chloe W, Alan, Lily-Grace, Freddy and Callum. We had 3 players in this week’s top 10 – Harris 1st, Josh 2nd and Chloe W in 4th so especially well done to you three!

Wildlife Trust #30dayswild week 3

Well I have collected what I need but I’m waiting for it to stop raining so that I can create my mandala – oh why didn’t I do it yesterday when the sun was shining? I will post a photo when I’ve done it. Why not have a go and send a photo in to office@thorpeprimary.co.uk. I will get Mr.Dawson to tweet any good ones on the Thorpe Twitter account and put a few on here too.

Well here’s mine….I’m sure you can do better!

Competition Time – Art

I was looking back over Mrs. McTasney’s tweets and spotted this for any budding artists in our class. All you have to do is design a book token and enter your design – there are still 2 more weeks with a winner each week.


And finally this week…

I’ve just been reading the latest edition of First News ( link above) and read about a programme called Celebrity Supply Teacher. It’s on at 9:25 a.m. on CBBC each day or is available on BBC iPlayer. It started on June 8th and there are 20 programmes in total, each one being only 10 minutes long. They feature celebrities such as: Gary Lineker – Spanish, Marcus Rashford – PE, Tim Peake – Science relating to space rockets, Martin Bashir – History: Martin Luther King and his fight against racial inequality in the 1960s, Ricky Wilson – Art and Mark Labbett (The Beast from The Chase) teaching Maths. They might be worth a look…

25.6.20 Messages

Well this has been our best week for people going on I Am Learning to complete some of the assignments I have set. Well done to: Alan, Josh, Lexie, Lilia, Freddy, Lily-Grace, Iyla, Olivia and Harris!

Lily-Grace, Harris and Josh have been busy reading on Fiction Express. I am really enjoying The Hidden Curse which was chosen by Lily-Grace. Josh says he’d recommend The School for Supervillains to everyone in the class.

It’s another Thursday with Year 5 being at the top of the Spelling Shed league thanks to: Josh, Chloe W, Harris, Madison, Chloe C, Lily-Grace and Faye.

Well done to: Elliot B, Olivia, Lily-Grace, Lilia and Josh for getting on TT rockstars this week.

Wildlife Trust #30dayswild week 4

Snail watching…Snails are invertebrates which means they have no backbones. Did you know many invertebrates have no skeleton at all and rely on the pressure of their body fluids to maintain their shape? Their shells offer them a good deal of protection from predators.

Well June is nearly over but I think I am going to try to spot some butterflies this weekend. Hopefully, one will land for long enough to photograph it! Perhaps, you could have a go and e-mail me any photos you manage to take.

Well I managed it – a small tortoiseshell (not on the image above) resting on a nettle. It is one of the few UK butterflies that over-winters as an adult going into a state known as dormancy (similar to hibernation).

2.7.20 Messages

Well done to Harris, Olivia, Lilia, Josh, Lexie, Alan, Freddy and Lily-Grace for logging in and completing more of the assignments on I am Learning this week. If you picked up a new learning pack and are doing this instead that is absolutely fine but still check I am Learning for any messages.

Harris, Josh and Lily-Grace for doing some more reading on Fiction Express. I have just finished The Hidden Curse and would definitely recommend it.

We came second to Year 3 on Spelling Shed this week but well done to: Lilia, Chloe W, Harris, Lily-Grace, Josh, Callum, Freddy and Alan for spending time practising their spelling this week. A new list will be going on this weekend – Homphones 3. Please make sure you play different lists not the same one all the time!

Olivia, Josh, Lily-Grace and Freddy, have any of you 4 managed to beat my 33/33 in 3 minutes on the garage game on TT Rockstars? I can see you have all been practising your times and divide facts again this week.

Well it’s July now but I think I’m going to carry on with 30 days wild. I will put a picture this weekend as the key worker group are going to be making butterflies with me tomorrow as part of our Summer theme.

9.7.20 Messages

A big well done to: Chloe.W, Josh, Lilia, Chloe.C, Madison, Lysia, Freddy, Olivia and Lily-Grace for helping our class win the school league on Spelling Shed again today – we were over 30,000,000 points ahead of the next class!

Lysia, Nevaeh and Josh have been busy reading on Fiction Express since last week. Josh recommends Revenge of the Supervillains by Louie Stowell but you need to read The School for Supervillains first.

Sharpening their rapid recall on TT Rockstars this week were: Olivia, Chloe C and Lily-Grace – well done, girls!

Josh, Harris, Lilia, Alan, Nevaeh, Lily-Grace, Olivia, Lexie-Mae and Freddy have all completed more online learning on I am Learning this week too – fantastic!

If you are working through the Bitesize learning pack instead of I am Learning well done to you too – you can always choose some more of these lessons for yourself when you have completed it.

As an interesting summer project, here is a list of 20 fun activities that you may wish to complete over the summer holiday. The idea is to do screen-free activities after so much of your recent work has been online.

How many can you complete over the summer break? Can you add to these ideas with some ideas of your own? I am waiting for a book called 365 days Wild to arrive so once it does, I will add further suggestions.

Screen-free activities

Please keep any evidence of what you get up to whether it be some writing, some artwork or photographs as school may need brightening up with a display in September.

See you all in school in the Autumn, Mrs.Davidson.

Below you can find our curriculum newsletter which details the topics we will be learning about each term.

Curriculum letter Spr 2020 Y5

Curriculum letter Y5 Aut 2019

Y5 Curriculum letter Sum 2019

Key Stages 1 & 2 National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is followed in Key stages 1 and 2. This curriculum covers Maths, English, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSHE, Music and PE. KS2 children are also taught a modern foreign language (Spanish).

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