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Welcome to Year 4

Miss Baker            Mrs.C.Lawrence- Support Assistant

Our teacher is Miss Baker and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lawrence.

Below you can find our curriculum newsletter, which details the topics we will be learning about this term

Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter 2018

Y4 Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 2018

Y4 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2017

End of Year Expectations for Year 4

Key Stages 1 & 2 National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is followed in Keystages 1 and 2. This curriculum covers Maths, English, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSHE, Music and PE. KS2 children are also taught a modern foreign language (Spanish).

You can find more information on the following website:


Summer Term 2018


Today was Sports Day! Look at a few of us competing in various events.

Congratulations to Ruby House the overall winners and a big well done to everyone else for their fantastic effort.


Today we teamed up with Year 6 for a walk to Buck Woods, along the canal and to the River Aire as part of Well-being Week. It was great to spend some time outside of the classroom enjoying our natural surroundings while getting some exercise.



Who has stolen the World Cup Trophy? Well, that was the challenge we were set this afternoon. We worked together to solve lots of maths calculations which gave us clues. We then used these to eliminate the suspects until there was only one left ….the thief, Victor Video!





Today we had a great time using the results of the first round of the World Cup results to fill in tables. We had to work out the wins, draws, loses, goals for, goals against, goal difference and points for each team.



Today was One Britain One Nation Day or OBON Day. We dressed in red, white and blue, sang the National Anthem and talked about the different values that are important to us a nation. Later, we produced our own Wordles on the computers to illustrate these.



Today we had great fun using the atlases to find the location of all 32 countries competing in the World Cup.

We looked at the different continents to locate the countries so that we could then number them on our World Maps.



This afternoon, as part of our Science work, we walked to Buck Woods. We worked in small groups to spot which plants and animals thrive in our local woodland habitat. A great afternoon was had by all!



Today we enjoyed our Forest School session. It started off with team games, progressed to den building and finished off with roasting marshmallows over a fire pit. One or two of the class then lead us in a few campfire songs they had learnt at scouts or brownies. We all really enjoyed this different learning experience in the sunshine!


Spring Term 2018


Today we had fun learning about the journey of food through our digestive system.

Our incisors (scissors) bite and cut food.

Our molars (potato masher) chew and grind it into a smooth paste.

After travelling down the oesophagus, the food enters the stomach (sealable bag).

The stomach muscles squeeze the food to break it down.

The muscles are helped by stomach acid and enzymes.

The food enters the small intestine next ( leg of a pair of tights).

This is where the goodness from our food is absorbed into our blood.

After that, the undigested food enters the large intestine (tea towel).

This is where the salt and water are absorbed into our bodies.

The waste then enters the rectum, where it is stored until…..

It is released as poo!

Author visit


Today we were very fortunate to have local author Stephen Pass come to talk to us about the process of drafting, editing, illustrating and publishing a story. As you can see, we really enjoyed the session.


Engrossed in chapter 2.

Engrossed in chapter 2.

Science Week


Investigating helicopters!

Investigating helicopters!

We added weight to see how this would effect how quickly our helicopters fell to the ground and how well they rotated.


World Book Day (at last!)


George's Marvellous Medicine.

George’s Marvellous Medicine.


The Pharoah's daughter meets a mummy!

The Pharoah’s daughter meets a mummy!


Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter fans.


Billionaire Boy meets Boy In A Dress.

Billionaire Boy meets Boy In A Dress.


The Lost Boy from Peter Pan.

The Lost Boy from Peter Pan.


Watch out - Medusa's about!

Watch out – Medusa’s about!

History – The Romans.


Today we visited the Yorkshire Museum in York to learn about life as a Roman soldier living in Eboracum (York).

The Roman army is on the attack!

The Roman army is on the attack!


An proud Roman displaying his gladius whilst wearing his glaea (helmet) and lorica segmentata (plated vest).

A proud Roman soldier displaying his gladius (sword) whilst wearing his glaea (helmet) and lorica segmentata (plated vest).

Whose catapult shoots the furthest?

We had fun making our own catapults to test, using lollipop sticks, elastic bands and plastic spoons.



Science – Constructing Electrical Circuits

Successfully completed - construct a circuit with one bulb!

Successfully completed, boys! Construct a circuit with one bulb.


Testing materials to find out if they are electrical conductors or insulators.

Testing materials to find out if they were electrical conductors or insulators.

Ancient Greeks

Some very impressive models were produced for our Greeks holiday homework task.

Some very impressive models were produced for our Greeks holiday homework task.


Autumn Term 2017


Chloe used place value counters to help her understand which digit would change and which would stay the same.

Chloe used place value counters to help her understand which digit would change and which would stay the same.


The class have been working on producing a whole class dance performance to Jess Glynne’s track ‘Rather be’.

Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!





Reflections using mixed media.

Reflections using mixed media.


Design Technology.

Designers of the future??

Designers of the future??

Carefully does it, Summer and Oscar!

Carefully does it!

Year 4 really enjoyed making models of narrowboats as part of our Saltaire Topic.


Precision putting by Liberty!

Precision putting.

We are the champions!

We are the champions!

Another Thorpe victory as our team won the golf tournament.


Christmas at the church.