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We have always realised the importance of learning key mathematical facts by rote. Learning these key pieces of information by heart gives pupils the confidence needed to tackle more complex issues at a later stage. These key facts start in Reception/Year 1 with doubles and number bonds and move onto times tables, as we know them, by Year 2 onwards.

Previously each class has had different approaches to the learning and recording of key facts/ rote timetables. Explore Times Tables is a uniform and consistent approach throughout Thorpe Primary School from Reception to Year 6.

Each child will be given their own Numeracy Passport booklet. The children will practise in school and at home, the relevant times table/key facts. Adults in school will regularly check their knowledge and mark off the relevant section in ‘their’ Numeracy Passport.

Once the children have successfully completed their Numeracy Passport, Mrs Lynch will present them with their certificate in Honours Assembly.

We hope to continue to encourage the children to learn their times tables by holding special times table events e.g. children versus teachers, bingo timetables.

As always we appreciate your continued support in helping your child achieve their full potential. Like spelling practice, this does not need to be onerous; a couple of minutes spent on times tables, while walking to school or during bath time, will be time well spent.