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January 10th 2020





We would like to welcome Miss Bottomley, a student teacher, who will be working and teaching in Year 1 this half term. 


Spring Term 2020 Dates


Date Event Time
Thur 23rd Jan KS2 trip to the Alhambra 1pm-5pm
Frid 24th Jan Chinese New Year lunch
Tues 11th Feb Y6 IMAX trip All day
Thur 6th Feb Y1 Class Assembly 2.30pm
Frid 7th Feb KS2 Tag Rugby tournament am
Wed 12th Feb Y3 Cricket tournament 3.00pm
Frid 14th Feb Break up for half term 3.15pm
Half term
Thur 27th Feb Y2 & 5’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip All day
Thur 5th Mar World Book Day All day
Mon 9th Mar Science week
Tue 24th Mar Parent Consultations 3.30-7.00pm
Wed 25th Mar Parent Consultations 3.30-5.00pm
Wed 1st Apr Y4Trip All day
Thur 2nd Apr Y2 Class Assembly 9.15am


From the beggining of this term, we will be sending e-mails out instead of texts to all parents who have an e-mail address so please can everyone make sure we have all your up to date details. Thank you.


School closure due to Adverse Weather

It is once again the time of year when we enter a period of what is likely to be unsettled and adverse weather.

Adverse weather conditions cause all of us problems and the impact on running a school can be significant. Critical factors taken into account when deciding to remain open or to close include road conditions, safety of the site and staff/pupil ratios.

It may well be the case that an occurrence of adverse weather leads to an early morning decision whether to close the school. The responsibility for school closure rests with the Local Authority (LA) for maintained schools such as Thorpe. However, because of the variation in geography and climate throughout the district, it is normal for the Headteacher to make an individual school closure decision. This decision will be based on a health and safety assessment (both for members of staff and pupils); the LA and the Headteacher will keep the school open if at all possible. Only in exceptional circumstances will the school be closed. If weather conditions are such that the school makes a decision to close before the normal school day starts, then instruction will be given to publish notification between 7.00am and 7.30am in the following ways:

  • Notification of closure through a text sent via ParentMail
  • An update via Twitter – @ThorpeBradford
  • An update on the Bradford Schools Online website – https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Schools/Home.aspx
  • A school closure message on local radio stations

If weather conditions are such that a decision to close is taken during normal school hours, then all parents/carers who have provided us with mobile telephone contact details will be informed by text. Some staff will remain in school to supervise pupils until they are able to get home. As you can appreciate, we attempt to ensure we can deal effectively with weather conditions and circumstances arising from this that are beyond our control and I trust you feel reassured that we will do all we can

Honours Award                                Top Table

YR Harry Berry/Alfie Cousins                                                        YR Anisha Eqbal

Y1 Mason Price/Mathew Moore                                                           Y1 Layla Green

Y2 Harley Sinclair/Imogen Mckee                                                        Y2 Georgia Beevers

Y3 Jessie Hartley/Bridget Jordan                                                         Y3  Lilianna Wannat                       

Y4 Aston Barber/Amelia Braithwaite                                                   Y4 Kyra Mann

Y5 Rhys Grimshaw/Chloe Watmuff                                                      Y5 Callum Harrison

Y6 Isabelle Saunders/Charlotte Ward                                            Y6 Annabel Honeyman




This week’s winners of our behaviour award are Y4.  Well Done!


Tuesday   3.15pm-4.15pm –  Homework Club/Benchball and Basketball Y1/Y2

Wednesday  3.15pm – 4 15pm    – Cricket Club Y3/Y4                                       


Birthday children  


                                          Leah Kilbride                                         



happy-birthday                       Happy Birthday.