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Dec 6th 2019




Please can anyone dropping off, and picking up children, please refrain from parking on the grass verge on Bradford Road. We have a complaint from the residents who live there, not only is this dangerous but also damaging the grass verge and upsetting our neighbors. Thank you for your co-operation.

School Dinners

We have been advised by Bradford Council that the cost of school dinners is going up from the 1st January 2020. The cost will be £1.90 per day.


Christmas Fair

Thank-you to everyone who joined us last Saturday for our Christmas Fair.

So far we have raised an amazing £1850!! However we are still selling, and doing Secret Santa presents so will let you know what the final total is next week.

Thank-you to all the staff, members of Friends of Thorpe and parents who gave their time to organise and help.

Christmas Jumper Day

We will once again be participating in this annual charity event, with proceeds going to the charity ‘Save the Children’.

It will take place on Friday 13th December.

Children can come to school in a Christmas jumper/top and or decorate an existing top with Christmas things and bring a donation of 50p towards the charity. They need to wear school trousers/skirt and school shoes as normal


Reminder of Key Dates

Tue 10th Dec – Reception Christmas performance at 2.15pm

Thursday 12th Dec – Christmas service in school at 9.15am

Tue 17th Dec – KS1 performances. The morning performance starts at 9.30am and is for adults and children. The afternoon performance starts at 2.15pm and is for ADULTS ONLY.


School closure due to Adverse Weather

It is once again the time of year when we enter a period of what is likely to be unsettled and adverse weather.

Adverse weather conditions cause all of us problems and the impact on running a school can be significant. Critical factors taken into account when deciding to remain open or to close include road conditions, safety of the site and staff/pupil ratios.

It may well be the case that an occurrence of adverse weather leads to an early morning decision whether to close the school. The responsibility for school closure rests with the Local Authority (LA) for maintained schools such as Thorpe. However, because of the variation in geography and climate throughout the district, it is normal for the Headteacher to make an individual school closure decision. This decision will be based on a health and safety assessment (both for members of staff and pupils); the LA and the Headteacher will keep the school open if at all possible. Only in exceptional circumstances will the school be closed. If weather conditions are such that the school makes a decision to close before the normal school day starts, then instruction will be given to publish notification between 7.00am and 7.30am in the following ways:

  • Notification of closure through a text sent via ParentMail
  • An update via Twitter – @ThorpeBradford
  • An update on the Bradford Schools Online website – https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Schools/Home.aspx
  • A school closure message on local radio stations

If weather conditions are such that a decision to close is taken during normal school hours, then all parents/carers who have provided us with mobile telephone contact details will be informed by text. Some staff will remain in school to supervise pupils until they are able to get home.

As you can appreciate, we attempt to ensure we can deal effectively with weather conditions and circumstances arising from this that are beyond our control and I trust you feel reassured that we will do all we can


Honours Award                                Top Table

YR Ravel Binns/Blake Harrison                                                   YR Gracie-Lea McConnell

Y1 Lucas Pyrah/Aanayah Eqbal                                                          Y1 Maria Balaz

Y2 Georgia Beevers/Mason Rodgers                                                  Y2 Harry Nelson

Y3 Francesca Saunders/Megan Jaques                                             Y3 Bridget Jordan                        

Y4 Evie Harrison/Layden Fletcher-Robb                                         Y4 Tilly Belsten

Y5 Lysia Hendy/George McCrory                                                      Y5 Aalissa Hardcastle

Y6 Aatish Vijay/Jack Wilkin                                                        Y6 Amelia Bairstow


Y6 won the attendance for last week. Well done!



This week’s winners of our behaviour award are YR.  Well Done!


Tuesday   3.15pm-4.15pm –  Homework Club/Playground Friends Club

Wednesday  3.15pm – 4 15pm    – Golf Club                                         


Birthday children  


                                          Lennox Hardcastle      Sarah Draven      Olivia Blythe      Olivia Grace Robinson                                          



happy-birthday                       Happy Birthday to them.