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1st December 2017





New School Meal Prices

From the 1st January, the new school meal prices will be £1.70 per meal.

Last Day of Term

On Friday 15th of December, children are invited to wear something Christmas themed for school.


Christmas service

This year we will be holding a whole school service at the Holy Trinity Church in Idle, on Thursday 7th December at 10 am. Parents are invited to attend.

We had hoped that this would take place during the last week of term, but there were no available dates. This service will replace the carol concert which takes place on the last day of term in school. Next year we hope to arrange a date nearer to the end of term.

We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in church all together and hope that you can join us.

Honours Award                    Top Table

YR Harley Sinclair/Aubrianna Mwase                 YR Tobias Varley-Nash

Y1 Oskar Loks/Francesca Saunders                     Y1 Ellsie Mouatt

Y2 Lola Jordan/Max Walker                                 Y2 Evie Harrison

Y3 Chloe Coates/Madison Coates                         Y3 Rhys Grimshaw 

Y4 Jaden Robinson/Chloe Harrison                    Y4 Chloe Mitchell

Y5 Jake Briscoe/Lucy Fletcher                              Y5 Shanti Baidya

Y6 Freddie Leadbeater/Edie Scarlett                   Y6 Grace Swithenbank



YR won the attendance for last week. Well done!

The whole school attendance was 96.2%


This week’s winners of our behaviour award are YR.  Well Done!


Monday  3.15pm-4.15pm –  Homework club

                                                        Singing Club

Tuesday   3.15pm-4.14pm   Golf Club                                             

Wednesday  3.15-4.15pm –        Hockey Club

                                                 Reading Clu

Birthday children next week                                    

ElLienna Whittaker                   Chloe Harrison           Harley  Sinclair    Lucy Fletcher     Daisy Wolsencroft

Amelia Bairstow                        Sofia Bonalie             Harris Eqbal        Grace Long



Happy Birthday to them all!